17 November 2017

M is for Marriage and More #NaNoWriMo2017

The first big crisis in my current novel involves money. The heroine is accused of being a gold digger. That doesn’t sit very well with a woman who was left financially destitute by a deceased husband, and who has spent the past five years building a solid and successful graphic arts business.

She never, never, never is going to rely on a man again, especially not for money.
Of course, it is a man who makes the accusation. The hero’s son, no less. Needless to say, it causes problems between the two love birds. Here's a picture of the bad boy - he has a nasty look about him, doesn't he?

One of the ways the hero woos his lady love back is through music, an appreciation and hobby they share, though their musical tastes are vastly different. He learns this song for her, and explains to his son that it's a hippie song from his youth.


Then he sends her the sheet music, and she takes it with her to a music lesson. Both feel the words to the bone.  It would be easier to try and catch the wind than find their way back to each other.

But, of course, they do and before long… marriage. 

And more trouble.

L is for Loneliness #NaNoWriMo2017

Obviously at least one person in this book is lonely – The Lonely Rancher. But aren’t all people lonely to some extent, and doesn’t it drive our lives in some direction?

Jackson King is widowed. When his wife dies in childbirth, leaving him with four sons to raise, he doesn’t feel lonely. Quite the opposite. Being in a loveless marriage was where he felt loneliest. Now he’s just relieved to be out from under that emotional burden. Over the next years, his life is full and it isn’t until after his sons are grown that he’s gets hit with heartbreak and loneliness again.

Elizabeth Gordon is also widowed. She had a long marriage, but her husband’s stroke and subsequent death threw her into a tailspin on many levels. She had to rebuild – financially and emotionally. It was three girlfriends who saved her from rock bottom loneliness over the next few years. 

Her work and friends seem enough for a long time. Until she truly falls in love again and loses that new love, she doesn't really have to deal with loneliness again. Then nothing in her life seems to fill the hole in her heart.

How the two move through loss to find each other again is what this love story is about.

Word count as I lead into the last third of the romance novel is 52,997. I’m hoping to hit 60,00 over the weekend. We’ll see if my characters behave and get me there!

K is for Keys… to the Kingdom #NaNoWriMo2017

Jackson King is the hero of The Lonely Rancher and probably one of his strongest characteristics is kindness. The heroine falls for that trait the first time she meets him – and senses it through his touch, something she never gets enough of in the book. (But, of course. It's a romance, after all.)

K is also for keys… to the kingdom or anywhere else. My heroine is notorious for misplacing her house keys, so I found a solution that I didn’t know about before. I might buy a set for myself. Check out this cool door lock. The Camelot Keypad Lever. What could be better for the... um, King-dom? 

Have you ever made a discovery while researching that you brought into your own life? Do tell!

10 November 2017

J is for Jobs #NaNoWriMo2017

We all have a job to do, and no one is better at it in my story than Jackson King. Third generation rancher, father, community leader - whatever had to be done, he did it with little fanfare. His motto: Do what needs to be done, when you need to do it. He never did have a lot of patience for procrastinators.

Not that other characters in the story are schlumps. The 4-F Club members (standing for Four Fabulous Femmes - the heroine and her three best girlfriends) are all successful, self-employed career women. They've only been pals for five years, but they counted each other as family from the start, and were always there to help each other, no matter what the circumstances. Didn't matter if that meant emotionally or practically. The jobs got done.

And there was joy in the work, in the accomplishments, in the measurable successes that each of them earned through their efforts. Maybe that's why, despite their differences, most of the characters have some fundamental connection and set of principles that binds them together. Instead of judging the differences, they manage to cleave to their mutuality. It's an interesting thing to ponder and write about.

As for NaNoWriMo #2017? 3,192 words today for a total of 34,556. I hope to hit 50,000 by the 17th, which will complete the second third of the book. Then the rest of the writing is for the third and final segment - and just gravy as far as National Novel Writing Month is concerned.

I'm doing the job and it feels great. How's it going for you?

09 November 2017

I is for Idiots #NaNoWriMo2017

My novel is full of them right now. Nobody can seem to do the right thing, or figure out how to fix things. They're all running around like idiots.

To top it off, the presidential election is coming up in the book, and it looks like The Idiot will get elected. Well, we know that happened there, don't we?

Not that the MCs care all that much. They're discovering that politics take a pretty big back seat to love and loss when it comes right down to it.

Maybe that's something we should all consider - what's truly important in the grand scheme of things?

3,640 words today, all filled with heartache and misery for a total of 31,364. How is your story coming along?

08 November 2017

H is for Hell and Heartbreak #NaNoWriMo2017

And that's exactly where I've ended the first third of my novel. My hero and heroine have split up (not through any fault of theirs), and the friends and family haven't figured out what happened, much less how to get the lovebirds back together.

One of the hero's sons is the devil who caused the breakup:

He's on a downward spiral because of some of his own personal hell, and nobody can figure him out. All will be revealed in part 3.

The heroine is going to revisit some of her own personal hell to figure out where her life is headed. Hasn't she suffered enough already? Isn't she due for some happiness? (Oooh, another H-word!) And damn it all, politics is making her temper heat up in a big way. Damn the devil, if the orange idiot isn't going to win and make life a hateful Hades for everyone.

Meanwhile, the heroine's girlfriends are having a hell of a time trying to find a way to help their friend ease the heartbreak. Stay tuned for the big Intervention tomorrow.

Act I of my three-act story structure ended today with 2,180 words for a running total of 27,724. I'm way ahead of schedule for NaNoWriMo - oh, heaven! - but it looks like typing The End will put me at about 75.000 words. Well, hell. Couldn't happen to a better couple.

Meanwhile, she spends a lot of time curled up with her cat on this loveseat, feeling miserable.

He spends his time alone riding the ranch wondering why his lonely heart is ready to crack wide open. Life can be horrid.

07 November 2017

G is for Goals #NaNoWriMo2017

G is for Goals, and breaking them spells success. Today, I had a couple of personal bests:

  • Wrote for more than six hours
  • Broke 6,000 words in one day for the first time in NaNoWriMo
  • Passed 25,000 words on the 7th day
Better yet, I've spent a lot of that writing time totally "in the zone." Time was absolutely transcendent, and today, I had to stop myself from jumping into yet another scene. Better to start with something fresh and pre-planned in the morning. 

Writing should always be this satisfying! May the rest of the month flow like this - for me and for you!
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