24 April 2013

V is for Vines

I love arches. Arched doorways. Arched gates in the garden. Curving arbors with vines spilling over them. Flowers ranking upward, like roses and clematis and sweet peas. There is something so romantic and European about this idea.

Alas, I can't seem to grow the flowers that embellish an arched trellis, though I've tried for years. My clematis languishes. The roses die back by mid-season. Sweet peas hate the heat and don't even try. I've almost given up too.

But last year we tried some grapes. It appears they may actually come back this year, and if they climb, we might even get enough leaves to brine for stuffed grape leaves at our annual Greek feast. The heck with actual grapes - we're easy to please. Just a few dozen nice-sized leaves to put up. Is that too much to ask?

Okay, I confess. I harbor fantasies of a grape-covered patio like this. With big, ripe clumps hanging down just waiting to be plucked. A person can dream, right?

What's your elusive gardening dream?


Alternative Foodie said...

I love that dream ... in the tropic to have leaves covered porch is just what is needed to shade us from the sun. I hope your grapes make it this year for the dream vines, and dream food.

Jan Newman said...

My gardening dreams are similar to yours; my luck with growing anything much at all is similar to yours with the arches. A pergola with big, ripe grape clusters would be nice.

Morgan Mandel said...

How glorious! I used to have a Rose of Sharon bush, but that decided to wither away a few years ago. I still have some lilac bushes, but nothing as pretty as in those pictures!

Morgan Mandel

Anonymous said...

What a refreshing post? awesome pictures.


Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a gardener, but these are beautiful photographs.

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