15 April 2013

M is for Many

M is for too many choices! My alphabet list and all the brainstorming I did last month is making it really hard to choose a blogging topic. Let me give you some of my choices for M:

Mongolian - after discovering those terrific yurts yesterday, I found myself completely enthralled with the style and decorations of their clothing and furniture. Deserves more research.

Marco Polo - one of the first serious importers, and why we all enjoy things like spices, coffee, tea, olive oil, wine... and all kinds of other goodies locavores can't easily grow. I try to eat 80% of my foods from within a couple hundred miles of where I live, but the other 20% are Marco Polo foods that I love and refuse to do without. Like chocolate.

Merchant Mariners - people like my Prussian Opa who had a barge and traveled the Oder River importing goods from afar. I would love to know where he traveled and what treasures he brought home. I'd also like to know more about his eldest daughter, my aunt, who wanted to be a sailor herself. Rumor has it she absconded with the barge after my Grandfather died, but that is unverified. Still, it makes for a great story!

Money - because it's tax day and who couldn't use a few extra coins? Have you ever visited a numismatic museum? The story of coin design is quite fascinating. Here's a money magnet my husband created. It's available at CafePress.

Marketing - that's what the previous comment was about.

Manners - I could write a book about this topic! In fact, I have one half-finished.

Mosquitoes - they spray Malathion in my neck of the woods which is highly toxic to bees. With the issues of diminishing bee populations (and the resulting impact on worldwide food supplies), I wonder if the EPA will put a moratorium on that practice?

Millet - husband is thinking of trying to grow some this year.

Marigolds- I'm trying again even though the grasshoppers chomp them down before they ever set blooms.

More? Do you really want more?

Mulch - I'm using grass clippings instead of straw this year - the bales we got last year are full of kochia seed. Bleh! One of the more invasive weeds in my stretch of the middle.

Milk - I get raw milk from my neighbor and that deserves it's very own post, so watch for that!

Migas - one of my favorite breakfasts and I'll pass along a recipe at some point.

Mystery - my very favorite book genre. On my reading list is Susan Wittig Albert's newest China Bayles mystery, Widow's Tears. Have you read it? Click here to order and read the prologue. I love this series!

Mess - describes my mind, and I think this marvelous mish-mash of M-words proves it! Hey, it's a minor miracle I got this much written. Mercy! 


Marian Allen said...

Good one, Dani! I like your mind -- it's marvelous!

Marian Allen
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Dani said...

Thanks, Marian! Hey, M is for Marian, too! :D

Holly Jahangiri said...

M is for Marvelous!

Anonymous said...

Some very good "M" words here. enjoyed it very much.


Misha Gericke said...

Your aunt vanishing with the ship to become a sailor makes for a great story. :-D

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Mary Ann said...

Mercy! This reminds me of mickles and muckles, Dani. Great post. Mary Ann

Me said...

That's too much options.

-Fellow blogger from A to Z!

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