24 February 2011

Zero Waste Pasta

One of my greatest irritations around plastic packaging is not being able to buy pastas in bulk anywhere. Is this really such a big issue? Wouldn't it be great to walk into a gourmet deli and ask the person behind the counter for a pound of spaghetti and have them put that into paper bags from bins behind them... or maybe even hanging from drying racks? It seems so wholesome. But, no... instead, this will likely be in my future if I want to go the sustainable route. We actually have a pasta machine, but it's not a habit that's been cultivated here as yet. It never got beyond hubbo's big idea. Hehe.

The closest we can come to somewhat sustainable packaged noodles is from Barilla. They package their noodles in cardboard boxes and you can read more about it at the Zero Waste Checkout blog, a new discovery thanks to Land Wilson, the author of Sofia's Dream from Little Pickle Press. We both work for this marvelous eco-publisher. By the way, you can get 25% off all books there through the end of February using the coupon code LPPLOVE at check-out, so don't dilly-dally.

Getting really cold here - I think the high today was 35 degrees with a low tonight of 15. We'll have another round or two of winter before there will be any gardening at my place.

Got lots of blogging done today, but no other writing. Now must read Donis Casey's newest book, Crying Blood, which Poisoned Pen Press sent me earlier in the week. This is the next in her Alafair Tucker historical mysteries set in Oklahoma c. 1930.

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Lee Ambrose said...

I like pasta just as much as the next person... but can't imagine making my own! Think I'll just go to the local health food store or EarthFare and buy rice or other grains from their bulk bins... BUT have you noticed that at such set ups there are PLASTIC bags for you to use to hold your scooped choices? I asked about that on my last visit and was told that they would bring it to management's attention... hmmmmmmmm

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