11 February 2011

A Day With Rodney Crowell

I have to tell you that reading about Valentine's Day in the news all week is really starting to make my stomach turn. Is it just me, or does anyone else out there think there's more to life than sex?

Acclaimed country and cross-over musician, Rodney Crowell, thinks there should be. He's always been one of my favorite songwriters and guitarists, but I haven't really heard any of his recent work until reading about his newly released memoir, Chinaberry Sidewalks. Then I heard his cover song for the 2008 Sex and Gasoline (lyrics at link) album and was really impressed. This father of four daughters sings to the modern issues and is just as worried about society as a lot of us are. Listen to this:

Yeah, there's way too much sleaze out there. Garbage in, garbage out is how it works when you're dealing with brains. When sex is at the top of your list of things to focus on, you're either very young and driven by your hormones (which is completely natural), or brainwashed by Madison Avenue hype. Oh, gee, that could never happen. The media couldn't possibly have that much mind control. Or could it?
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Anonymous said...

Great blog, and great Crowell lyrics. I'm grateful for my passions -- for life, for travel, for birds, for Mother Nature. I'm glad someone else understands it's not all about sex.

Pat Bean

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