12 February 2011

Vienna Coffee and Milk

Here's a little taste of home for Liza. We drove to the house to get milk from her Mom. I love getting milk and eggs from local sources! That's Road V looking East.

A view looking toward town. I know there's a water tower over there and I'm just to the right. Below is their dog, Daisy, on the roof! This is one of the more sensible houses in the area - bermed!

Here's the milk from the gorgeous Brown Swiss cows who must have been in the barn today. I will never get tired of skimming a good pint of cream off the top of each of these gallons. On the menu this week is kefir, yogurt, and maybe some mozzarella for heart-shaped pizzas on Monday.

Here's me with my red Beetle... which unfortunately got a bit dinged up getting pulled out of the garage. More on that story later. You can see one dent on the back fender. The front looks a lot worse! I didn't do it! Yes, I wear red Crocs. What's it to ya? :D

Nice warm day today, and I got a huge load of laundry out on the clothes line! Oh, and Vienna coffee with Mozart today. I wanted a change from our usual Saturday tea.

The recipes for those little pink meringues are at the Little Pickle Press blog.

What about you? How did your day go? Do anything fun and special?


Lee Ambrose said...

Seems as though your day ended up being a pleasant change of pace .. despite the mishap with Miss Poppy!
Love the pics... and admire your ambitious approach to life!

BodieP said...

My son made me breakfast in bed, and even put together a lovely plate presentation--I wish I'd taken a picture of it now, rather than just digging in. I showered, I read. I played video games with Patrick, I talked on the phone--I just had a lovely, lazy day. By the way, your table is gorgeous--and I'm thinking a bermed house is what we call a daylight basement up here? One side is buried, and one side is open?

Dani said...

What a great son! He's going to make someone a good husband some day. ;)

Yes, half the house is underground - usually the north and coldest side and the south is glassed facing south. Out here there's an issue with radon gas though, so it's not as simple as one might think to live like this.

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