10 February 2011

Moodling and Writing

I've been moodling and writing and moodling and writing all day. Nothing is close to being finished, but this is part of the process. Back and forth. A little moodling. A little writing. Eventually it'll all come together.

I took some time this afternoon to bake bread and make a meatloaf dinner. Mick is working on four stained glass church windows and when he's with the creative muse, he's in another world. I drag him back for meals. He does the same when my muse grabs hold of me. It's hard to explain The Muses to outsiders who aren't creative types. But they're as real as we are, and when they beckon, the artist answers. It's not something to question.

It's a bit warmer today, and tomorrow it should warm up enough for snow to start melting. I have to pick up milk before my farmer friend cuts me off for good! Getting milk from the neighbors is too much of a treat for me to risk losing. Another friend's chickens are laying again, so we have local eggs, too.  Good ones, with yolks the color of burnished gold.

I'm off to make raspberry chocolate chip meringues. Recipe will be at the Little Pickle Press blog tomorrow.

Temps: 29/3 anticipated high tomorrow 42 - yay!
Word count: 500

1 comment:

Judy Whelley said...

I love being under the influence of the muse. Being in that place where there is no time, nothing else around, just me and my work, is sublime!

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