13 January 2011

What Is Causing This Bizarre Weather?

Everywhere you go, people are musing about the weird weather. CNN had this explanation today:

Two reasons according to them.

Nobody seems to be able to wrap their brains around the idea that climate change is happening, and that decades of wrong action are now catching up with us. Maybe in a few years when there's enough disruption to cause food shortages. You think? I doubt it.

A few days ago we had -15 temperatures at night. Today it was over 50 degrees in my backyard. The same for a few more days, maybe even a few weeks. That'll help my wrists hurt less, but I'm afraid the trees might start to bud, just in time for another good freeze. I can't even imagine trying to grow fruit trees out here, much as I'd love the food security.

Brought a mug to the town clerk today - made just for her and she got all teary-eyed. It's nice to make people feel appreciated.

"All God's angels come to us disguised." ~James Russell Lovell

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Temps: 49/15
Started: Zip
Finished: BIW
Wordcount: Way too much online typing. Hands and eyes screaming for mercy.

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