14 January 2011

Little Pleasures

Annie and I started the day warming our paws in the sunshine.

It turned out to be a warm and lovely day with lots of snow melt. A bit too early for this kind of Spring weather. It actually rained last night! But my aching joints appreciated the reprieve from the cold.

 Mick made a nice stew for dinner, with most of the ingredients from within the state. Beef was from Lasater Grasslands Beef, potatoes from the Western Slope via Ripe2U, organic carrots from Greeley, onions from the Arkansas Valley, and frozen peas from my own garden. The only imports were celery and spices and that's pretty good for this time of year. Oh, and a tall cold glass of delicious milk from my neighbor's cow! How local is that? For dessert, we had this, thanks to another neighbor... clearly  not local:

  A day of gemuetlichkeit for which to be grateful. And I am.

Temps: 49/16
Started: Burgundy mohair mitts for Elora
Finished: Blog posts for the week
Word count: 150

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