12 January 2011

A Daily Problem

Plastic. You can't get away from it. Today's collection included that skinny plastic tube filled with honey, likely from an organic food store. How did that end up in my house? Probably as much plastic in that thing as honey. We need to start thinking about these practices and connecting the dots!

Does this drive you crazy, too? What elaborate measures do you go to in order to avoid all this packaging? I try to buy in bulk, but still I end up with this... day after day.
Temps: 23/2
Started: Nothing
Finished: Nothing
Word count: 1,000+ a tough writing day but worked through it - deadlines are good for that

1 comment:

Land said...

My guru lately for tips on dealing with this problem is Bea Johnson's blog thezerowastehome.com
~Land Wilson

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