03 January 2011

Visiting With Old Friends

We had a nice lunch and visit with an old neighbor from the city today. He was here in the outback doing energy audits for the regional gas company. Jack is an architect and is very enthusiastic about this job,  because the company offers such generous incentives to improve energy efficiency - up to 70% rebates on caulking and insulation, for example. I'm halfway thinking we should hook up a gas water heater just to participate.

Have you checked what your energy company offers for this sort of home improvement? It's not just the cost that's important here, but actual reduction of fuel use. Can you imagine how climate change issues would improve if nobody had to heat or cool their houses? It's a huge environmental burden, especially in developed nations.

Other news: Mom fell down the stairs yesterday, but nothing was broken except maybe her pride. She sounded good on the phone, but this is the second visit to the hospital in a month. There's a good luck expression in German that says, "eine gutes Rutsch in Neues Jahr" or " a good slide into the new year". Don't be so literal, Mom!

Gorgeous sunny day again! But cold. Seed catalogs are calling though! I wish the snowdrifts would melt so I could get to the beds nearest the house. Salad greens, my mouth waters for thee!

Temp: 33/2
Finished: Tomorrow's blog posts
Started: Cleaning my desk!
BIW word count: 4 pages

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