04 January 2011

Trying to catch up

I'm almost breathless today trying to get ahead of the game - mostly I'm a bit behind on writing. If you're interested in some recent projects, head over to the Little Pickle Press blog for three days of Starting a Business is Kidstuff. It's the basics of a workshop I put together several decades ago, and then tucked away in a file. I'm thinking of turning it into a workbook for adults with a bit of tweaking. And maybe some decent artwork. That mind map is pretty rough.

Oh, and the blog book tour for Your Fantastic Elastic Brain starts next Monday. Make a note: do not try to plan anything during high holidays. Nobody wants to work. This is the first year in decades I haven't taken December off. Next year I'm going back to the old schedule. I'm still looking for blog hosts with Google ranking of 4 - preferably teachers, librarians, or child psychologists.

Gorgeous day today - probably around 40 degrees and sunny. We drove the Beetle and got the first part of the engine break-in done. Beautiful! Now if we can just figure out why the brake lights don't work. I'm ready for a trip to the city and want to take her for that longer spin.

Temp: 37/6
Finished: Nothing
Started: Nothing
Word count: 680+

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