15 January 2011

Gardening Muse

Is anyone else drooling over seed catalogs? Our very favorite is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

We've been coaxing this tomato plant along since she was beheaded in a windstorm this past Fall.

Grow, Miss Tomato, grow!

Here's some of the bounty from previous years:

You can't buy tomatoes like these in a store, and it's part of the reason heirloom varieties are a gift. How about you? What are your favorite heirloom seed suppliers. Do you harvest your own seeds? It's an important part of food security.

Temps: 48/18
Started: Baking a raw apple cake recipe said to be 200 years old
Finished: Ruining a batch of feta - it's now becoming a gallon of farmers cheese
Word count: Zip except for online promotion for the blog book tour

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