11 January 2011


But so far, nothing worth repeating. Writing is like that. You first spurt it out - the good, the bad, and the ugly - and then you have something to revise. I've gotten the bad and the ugly, and am hoping some good comes out soon so I have something to edit before I need it tomorrow. The non-fiction obligations haven't left me with much creativity and energy for fiction, so that's on the back burner. Can't do it all. Not at the same time anyway.

Icy cold today. Here's the upcoming weather:

Minus 17 last night with a high of 9 degrees, and minus 11 tonight. The wind chill will make it even colder. The jump to 51 degrees in a few days concerns me, because those repeated wild swings are one of the "snap" symptoms of climate change that are projected to get wider and more frequent. If you're a gardener, you know your trees won't like it. You might even start losing them. It's damn near as harsh as drought.

But my achy wrists and ears - the cold really affects my ability to hear - will welcome a bit of warmth. I've really been pretty miserable the past few days, and soon on my way to being publicly cranky. Be forewarned.

Nothing much else to report. How's the temp out your way? Anything new and interesting?


Doc Chery said...

very cold wind chill 20- our high today was 28 and low is predicted to be 17. it was sunny though which helped immensely! until i walked out into the wind and realized my vets and long sleeve shirt were not going to cut it for long
Knoxville, TN

Lee Ambrose said...

I've got weather a wee bit warmer than yours but not by much! We've had some sort of snow -- flurry, storm, fall, you name it every day since Christmas! In fact, that's what I blogged about last night..... it's pretty but enough already!! Lee

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