10 April 2013

I is for IRS or is that IRiS?

Yesterday you saw a bit of our artwork. Since I'm scrambling to get tax paperwork together, I thought I'd do a little promotion to help pay the tax lady. This is Aunt IRiS, an original piece of art (using me as the model) my husband created a few years ago - based on the Uncle Sam Wants You posters from the WW2 era. Every year, sales from our CafePress account help us pay what's due. You can click here to buy a mug. They are lovely gifts for anyone with a personal accountant, or just to use yourself while you're suffering through the season. Especially satisfying if you have an irreverent sense of humor, and a stiff drink within. Ooh, and look! CafePress has the tee-shirt on sale in the "gifts for accountants" category.

It's wickedly cold and windy again, so my gardening plans are still on hold. I'm hoping that my irises, which have poked their green spikes out of the soil, will live to bloom. I have them all over the property. They are tough and seem to like the challenging conditions around here. They tend to be pale though - the soil is too lean to impart much color. I have lots of these:

What I covet are these:

A girl can dream, right? Now back to Aunt IRiS. Have you finished your tax return yet?



Photo's awesome and that mug made my day.


Teresa Coltrin said...

Beautiful Irises.

Kirsten said...

Ha ha! Love Aunt IRiS. :-)

Just Ermie &
Short Story Ideas

Sunni said...

Yes, thank god. I hate that time of year! The Aunt IRiS is cute.

Love the flowers. Beautiful!

Visiting you from A to Z



Rowena said...

Pretty flowers and quirky mug, that sounds like a good idea. Not having much fun getting our heads round the tax system!

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