09 April 2013

H is for Hoops

H is for my hoop, with
which I often play.
Sometimes it's very
naughty and tries
to run away.

This is a stained glass window based on an old Victorian woodcut that I built many years ago as a fundraising donation for a local charity. I'd thought to create a set using the entire alphabet, but never got back to it. It was quite large, roughly 30" x 40". Can you imagine it in a child's nursery?

I'd write more but it's been a bit hellish around here with extremely windy weather. I've had trouble with my ears and hearing all winter - third round of Meniere's Syndrome - and it's making me a little miserable. So enjoy a bit of my art instead of the usual writing.

Here's something by Hubbo related to Horses. The cover for my Princess Willy Be series (young chapter books). Cute, isn't it?

 I'm waiting for a few more drafts before I start playing with titles and fonts.


Anonymous said...

Two stunningly beautiful images...the stained glass would make a magical bedroom window for a child, an image and a medley of shapes and colours that would stay with he or she for the rest of their life. Do you know where it went to after you donated it to charity?
My 'H' seems so much more mundane and doesn't lift the spirits in the same way...hmmm, food for thought!

Anonymous said...

Two contrasting but wonderful photo;s wonderful to read, Look forward to your "I" word.


IndyWriterGirl said...

The stained glass would be a terrific project for children's museum, hospital, or library. The cover art is lovely.

Dani said...

You know, Diana, I think it was donated to a children's museum for a silent auction. I have no clue who won it - an individual probably. I wish I still had it - the glass in the border was mouth blown antique that isn't available anymore. I always thought it would be cool if it appeared at Goodwill someday and I could buy it back for a song. LOL.

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