08 April 2011

Blogging Elsewhere

In case you're wondering where I am, I'm in the midst of an A-Z Blogging Challenge that includes almost 1,200 other bloggers! You can see what I have to say at my Blog Book Tours blog (one of my paying jobs) and maybe learn something about blogging and promoting that novel you have inside you. Or maybe you've already written it. Good for you.

It's still been a little cold here on the high plains, and incredibly windy. I wish it would settle down so I can plant seeds! Everything in the garden is still crispy and brown at this point - well, not everything. I have parsley and other herbs coming up, some of the jonquils have bloomed, and the iris is starting to show some green. And lots of grasshoppers appearing! I ordered 5# of semaspore from Planet Natural and I hope it gets here soon! Or I'll have more of this again, which means not much in the way of natural backyard veggies.

They were everywhere last summer. Looking up recipes for deep-fried grasshoppers didn't deter them one bit, and by July they pretty much had decimated any vegetable matter. I hate seeing them before the lettuce has even begun to sprout! Out, damn fraughts, out I say!

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