03 April 2011

Around the World

It was 83 degrees here yesterday - just like a summer day. April Fool! Tonight it'll dip to 26 degrees with snow in the forecast. Colder yet tomorrow night with 22 degrees. People will say this is just Colorado, but anyone with a shred of observation ability will notice that the extremes between high and low in a short period of one or two days is... well, pretty abnormal.

Wild times around the world, and I enter this just for the record. The situation in Japan is still dire. Radioactive water continues to leak from a damaged nuclear reactor into the ocean, and debris as well as levels of radioactivity are noted on American shores. Presumably also in other countries. It's a nasty situation and one can only hope it reverses the direction of President Obama's energy policy which is top-heavy in favor of nuclear, ethanol production, and natural gas drilling. Bad choices, Mr. President. Why do the leaders not include in their paradigm the idea of using less energy and greater efficiency? Well, the answer is obvious, isn't it? Someone would be making less money, the less energy being used.

The unrest in the Middle East continues to expand. I don't want to write about that on Sunday, a day of rest from these dreadfully unholy human behaviors. My heart sinks that we are spending resources in Libya, and that my young military family members are in fighting zones. My family has paid way too much for all these alleged "freedoms" so that the vast majority of Americans can feel "patriotic". Let us spend our tax dollars on health here at home, not death in foreign lands.

Mick with mountain berry pie
We took a quick trip to the city to take pictures of Manitou for Ann Parker's novel research. It was crowded with people, like a typical summer day. The road was torn up in front of the Dutch Kitchen where we stopped in for our annual slice of nostalgia and pie. 52 years they've been in business and nothing has changed including some of the signs! We drove up into the neighborhoods perched about the main avenue, and then into Garden of the Gods for some relief from the flatness we live in daily. My eyes and soul desperately need the mountains sometimes, so I can only imagine how much more the native boy needs the reprieve.

The famous Dutch Treat with curried cabbage

Looking down on Manitou Springs

Driving through Garden of the Gods to Cheyenne Mountain


Lee Ambrose said...

Dani - I can so relate to your line about your eyes and soul needing the mountains sometimes -- and the photo of Garden of the Gods is just lovely

Bettyann Schmidt said...

I am so hungry now. That berry pie especially. The pics are gorgeous. Our weather here is about like yours. Pretty soon we won't know whether to wear a swim suit or overcoat. Our Jeff already has this problem, lol. He got used to wearing shorts for a few days, then went back to his winter coat. Now he just looks at us, with those eyes of his, like, "What?" Great post!

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