03 February 2011

Treasures in the Country

It was just a normal morning of work when my wi-fi suddenly gave out. Dang. I went to hook up the computer to dial-up so I could at least finish handling emails. There was no dial tone. Double dang.

So I called the rural telephone company to get a tech out. Seems our recent rounds of power surges and a black-out from the snow storms had burned out some wires. It took about an hour of up and down testing of various wires and outlets to figure that out. The good news is that I have DSL and landline connection now, though not where I really need them - in my office. The bad news is that the tech doesn't really want to run all new cables, so he left cable and jacks for hubbs to do the work. Well, that might actually be good news. He can do the work - it's not rocket science after all - and we don't have to pay someone else to do it which could be expensive. Not that there's anyone in the area to pay anyway.

Out in the country, it's better to be married to a man rich in talent than rich in gold - if you want to get certain jobs done that is. Mr. Midas would be on the phone trying to get someone in from Denver to do the work. Mr. Mick will have it handled a whole lot faster. There's a lot to be said for a fellow who's worth his weight in gold... and then some, especially in these changing economic times. I know women who could handle this job themselves. I'm not one of them. How about you? Run any telephone cable lately?

More excitement this evening - frozen pipe burst in the kitchen. Now the water in the whole house is turned off. Tomorrow there's another repair job for the resident plumber. I guess the resident phone tech will have to take off his hat and move down a few notches on the to-do list, and wait in line while the resident auto mechanic replaces the rear wheel cylinder in the VW Beetle. Someday the resident liturgical artist will get back to those four stained glass church windows he needs to finish by the end of the month. Lord have mercy. I need to find some more hats for this guy to wear. Is it any wonder he has a look on his face?

Temp: 29/7 with 52 degrees projected high tomorrow

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