01 February 2011

Hot and Cold

It's wicked cold today with winds of 40 mph. That's dropping the -3 daytime high to -16 tonight with windchills of  -39.  This morning, we woke up to power outages and no electricity, telephone, cell phone, or DSL.

On days like this, I truly appreciate my little wood parlour stove that doesn't need a fan or electric hopper to work. It's a Hottentot from c. 1920 and often referred to as a potbelly stove, though it's technically a cylinder stove, made of cast iron and sheet metal. It's surprisingly efficient and incredibly cozy!

It's definitely a good day for this stuff. We bake almost all our bread, and at this point, really prefer our own baking over most bakery bread. This is our standard white made with organic unbleached and local milk - it's perfect for toast and sandwiches.

Fresh out of the oven. With a hot bowl of soup!

1 comment:

Lee Ambrose said...

The scene outside is so lovely... but your post about those frigid wind chills... anything but lovely! Brrrr.. I can only imagine how cozy your little stove keeps you! And, the bread.. I wish that blogs had 'smell-a-vision" because I can only imagine how luscious it smells as it bakes!

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