28 January 2011

What's Wrong With This Picture?

It was a gorgeous day, at least sixty degrees and sunny with absolutely no wind, and the perfect day to hang laundry on the line.

This is only half the clothes line. Do you notice that everything is black? How many items of black clothing does one nazi environmentalist need? I know I recently boxed up at least as many black items to donate. Why do I still have so many? FAIL!

"There's really no way to ration dirty laundry.  It's there every week, and it has to be done..."    ~ Brian Wallace


Official high temperature today was 66 degrees. Low of 17 tonight. Tuesday the projected high is 17.  These wild temperature swings within a few days are very worrisome.

1 comment:

BodieP said...

So what's wrong with black laundry? I've got a lot of black clothes. I also used to have a lot of clothes in other colors for both Patrick and myself. But Patrick's been doing the laundry lately, and now we have black clothes and we have gray clothes. And one thing that's sort of a greasy pinky gray color, sort of like an elephant baby. For my money black is the new black.

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