27 January 2011

Driving Adventures

It's really not as bad as it looks - just a little eyestrain from night driving. My left eye since the lens replacement surgery is a major pain with the littlest bit of overuse. Suffice it to say that it really burns my grits that millions of Medicare patients can have an easy peasy surgery like this, with absolutely no complications, but I have to pay $5 grand out-of-pocket to suffer. Who ever said life was fair?

Oh, and did I mention we were stopped by a State Patrol officer on the way home from the city? For doing 73 mph in a 65 zone? Just a little warning. It was awfully nice of him to let it go at that since hubbs didn't have the new insurance docs I gave him for his wallet on January 13. I told the nice young officer he could expect a homicide in a few hours. He laughed.

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