21 January 2011

Life Is Just So Daily

Nothing much to write about today. I've spent a bit of the day reading forum posts about 1971 Super Beetles at TheSamba.com which must be the coolest VW forum on earth! I just like car-talk way too much, people. We're trying to figure out why Poppy's brakes are still mushy after bleeding them three times. I want to get this girl broken in and on the road sometime soon. Isn't she just cuter than cute? I need a new picture since she's missing a hubcap here. Gasp!

In the mail today was the new fuel pump and float and hopefully that will take care of the gas leaking into the oil.

What else - I've been reading a lot and currently am fascinated with Connected Wisdom by Linda Booth Sweeney. The next newsletter from Little Pickle Press and a series of posts at their blog will delve into the theme of living systems based on this book. It's all quite intriguing, and it's a gorgeous book, with folks tales from around the world and very elegant illustrations. I'll have more to say about it soon.

Kitchen duty today calls for pizza dough for tonight, and a cheesecake for tomorrow's high tea. Must get to it. I'll post pictures later if results are particularly smashing.

Must mop kitchen floor. Must!

That's about it for my day. How about? Got any big plans for the weekend?

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Lee Ambrose said...

Poppy leaves me a bit nostalgic, Dani! Hope you get to take her for a spin soon!

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