22 January 2011

India Relish

My little sister and her kids are visiting tomorrow, so the house is a flurry of cleaning and cooking today. We're having an Indian-themed dinner and I'm even digging out the sari materials so we can play dress-up. The boys will wear silk turbans. I can hardly wait!

Here's a video that shows how to tie a sari:

Heidi in Sari

Fish Jhalfrazi
Pita Bread
Cucumber Raita
Gobi Aloo Sabji (curried potatoes and cauliflower)
Bengali Kamala Payasa (creamy milk pudding w/ tangerine)
Elajche Gaja (cardomom shortbread cookies)
Besan Ladoo (chickpea flour confection from Indira Gandhi)
Aroo (Peach) Lassi (yogurt drink)

Music by Ravi Shakhar and the London Symphony Orchestra

Hope the wind lets up a bit - these 50 mpg gusts are getting tiresome. And they hurt my inner ear. Hubbs thinks the barometric pressure is the issue with the hearing and the stabbing pain. He might be right. Whoever heard of inner ear arthritis? Cwazy.

Temps: 47/15 and incredibly windy :(
Started: Cleaning the kitchen
Finished: Cleaning the kitchen
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Judy Whelley said...

Thanks for the video link Dani. I have a beautiful sari that a friend bought for me while in India and now I can try and wrestle myself into it with some semblance of grace! I've only recently begun to eat Indian food. I get cravings for chicken korma!

Lee Ambrose said...

Can't wait to hear how the Indian-themed meal and the sari dress ups went!!

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