28 December 2015

The World Needs My Novel - #MondayMotivation

And the world is going to get my novel!

I had a tremendous NaNoWriMo experience in November, and have been itching to get back to writing for much of the holiday season. I really had to make myself leave the story alone for a while,  needing the distance, and I was in an awkward place about writing the conclusion. I have some better ideas for that now.

Here's part of what helped me crap out those 50,000+ words. This cool gift from the NaNoWriMo crew for my annual donation:

It wipes clean, and here's what will happen in January. Go me!

I'm shooting for 20,000 additional words on this book, which should get me to The End. That includes a few final scenes, and maybe a prologue, which I think the books needs. And, of course, all those little bridging paragraphs that provide needed narrative and help the story flow. Then onward to a serious revision!

How about you? What are your writing goals as the new year begins? Leave me a comment.

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