23 April 2013

T is for Tea

I have a large mismatched collection of china teacups from my art gallery days. At The Peanut Gallery (yes, I really named it that), I often had afternoon meetings and served Low Tea.

Need I say that I have always had a slightly warped sense of humor? Small wonder I became a professional artist. We get away with anything!

Long past my gallery days, I still serve tea every Saturday afternoon, sometimes for guests, but always for the hubbster and me. Most days it's a simple spread, other times we go all out with various sandwiches and more than one sweet concoction like scones, puddings, cookies, and cheesecakes, almost always home-baked. Pavlovas, cream puffs, on occasion butter-cream torts. Lemon pies, shortbreads, brownies, well, the list is actually endless.

First we start with really good tea. I like to buy an assortment from Grace Rare Tea Company which carries my favorite, Winey Kemun, among many other fine imported teas.

I like a nice tea pot and this is my favorite in the collection because it has the perfect spout:

It's a gorgeous and large porcelain pot made by Crown Dorset in England.

I always set a nice table with linens and fresh flowers and, of course, good treats. Take a peek:

Well, you get the idea. After a long work week, it gives us a chance to do something a bit different from the usual meals - to sit down together for a relaxing chat, either just the two of us, or with neighbors who drop by to catch up with doings. It's festive, like a little party for no reason at all.

What about you? Do you do anything special on Saturdays? Here's a fun idea. Click on the T for Translate button top right column and read this post in a foreign language. Just because you can!

Remember what I said about that warped sense of humor. Zum voll! Would you like some sugar with that? Do sit down and have a spot of tea.



Wonderful post, my late husband loved his cuppa but I am a coffee drinker.
Thought the pictures awesome.


Dani said...

Yvonne, we're actually coffee drinkers all week - makes the Saturday tea even more special. :)

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Sounds like a lovely tradition you've got started. I'm pretty much a died in the wool I'll take my tea, sweetened and iced. And I adore a warped sense of humor. It's not our problem...it's those who don't get us problem to solve...or ignore. - Barbara
Life & Faith in Caneyhead

Judy Whelley said...

I'm a tea girl for sure! We always had a cup of strong black tea with cream and sugar right before bed and I slept like a baby! Post breast cancer I try and do at least three cups of long brewed organic green tea daily. Do you like the tea shop mystery series? I always get a good tea treat recipe from those!

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