03 April 2013

C is for Challenge

For the A-Z Blogging Challenge as well as for so many others - I can turn this letter into a World Crisis!

I'd be a lot more challenged if I hadn't gone through the alphabet last month and brainstormed themes for each letter. I have my handy list to refer to and here's what I can choose from today:
  • compost
  • clocks
  • convenience
  • chickens
  • cold frames
  • chocolate
  • cats
  • cows
  • corn
  • cedars
  • clary sage
  • coolness
  • children's books
I'll talk about my dreams of becoming the Compost Queen later. Also my neighbors chickens when we get to E for eggs. I don't need the temptation of chocolate since I just gave up sugar... again. I could write about my neighbors cows, but I'd rather tell you about their luscious milk when we get to M. Because having raw, local milk is a very cool thing indeed!

So meet a few of my cats:

This is Sassafrass
Pippin on the Roof
Chai being Bored 

Duchess on Call
On a grander scale, I'm feeling dreadfully challenged by all the environmental issues we face, whether from oil spills, GM contamination, declining bee populations; it seems like our battles are endless, and I often feel we're losing the game, don't you? I suppose we can only take one step at a time and do what we can. Part of my contribution to environmental betterment is through promoting a little publisher named Little Pickle Press. They publish children's books in an environmentally sustainable way. Here's one of my favorite titles by Rana DiOrio.

You can buy the hardcover book here.  It's also available through iTunes and Kindle for you gadgets. Because teaching children how important the environment is, well, it's as important as teaching adults to take care of the only planet we have.

What about you? What's challenging you today? Please leave me a comment.


Marian Allen said...

My challenge today is doing pre-submission edits for a New Adult paranormal. I'm also trying to come up with a title. I suggested A DEAD MAN AT THE SUMMERHOUSE but someone who hasn't read the book says "It gives too much away." :/

Titles aren't as serious a challenge as your crises, but they're something with no easy solution!

LOVE your beautiful cats!

Marian Allen
Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes

Chris Verstraete said...

Just writing is today's challenge... gotta get to it! Cute cats, tho I prefer D for Dog. ha!
Glutton for punishment - blogging at boGirlZombieAuthors - and Candid Canine
th -

patrickoscheen said...

Anything with cats is great in my book! I'm not doing A-Z. Too busy for more. Already with the proverbial mouth full!
Have fun!

Jianne Carlo said...

Great post - you had me smiling all the way. Love how the pics of the cats manage to show their different personalities.

Being green is vital if we want the planet to thrive - my resolution this year is a compost pit.


Morgan Mandel said...

Tell me when you get to E for edit. That's what I've been trying to do lately, but have constant interruptions sidetracking me!

Morgan Mandel

Maryann Miller said...

My challenge for today is to learn the rest of my lines for our production. So I really need to be offline and in "book." We open Friday.

Bob Sanchez said...

Hi Dani! Nice cat collection. Chai looks a little like my Bengal, Gracie.

Marjorie McAtee said...

You have some beautiful cats, Dani, thanks for sharing! Happy A to Z!

Heidiwriter said...

Beautiful cats! Love the pix! Enjoy your A-Z challenge.

Janeane Davis said...

I am living simply and my challenge today is to come up with a dinner my young twins will eat and enjoy after they told me a while ago that sometimes my food is "gross."

Sharon Himsl said...

My challenge? Keeping up with the A-Z for one, but a whole list of other--finish novel revision, plant garden...on and on. Just stopping by to say 'hi' in a-z. Love the cats!

Joyce Nance said...

liked the cats. clicked on the book picture but no link to buy. was curious. joyce


Congratulations on a wonderful blog. I really enjoyed the photo's of the cats. I had a cat for 14 years, the last 4 yrs of her life she was diabetic so I had to inject her twice daily. I was passing through via the A to Z.


Patricia Stoltey said...

I love the photos of your kitty cats, Dani. I'd love to get a second cat, but I'm afraid Katie will object. I'd have to try a loaner kitten, I guess. :D

Jocelyn Rish said...

Aww, your kitties are very cute, and you caught them in such great poses. As part of helping the environment, my brother started a bee hive this past weekend. It was kind of scary, but he's super excited.

Best of luck with the A to Z challenge,

Noelle Granger said...

Love your cats! This is a great C - I have only one left of my original five - Elijah Moon, the large and wonderful. This blogging is a challenge but I'm enjoying reading everyone's ideas!

Helen Ginger said...

My challenge is the same every day: getting everything done that needs to be done.

Natasha said...

Thank you for stopping by.
Yes, I am challenged by much the same things as you are- how do we leave to our children a world worth living in?

Rowena said...

Aaah I am loving your cat pictures, especially Pippin on the roof! I think I will post some cat pics when we get to 'M' for Minnie.

Mary Montague Sikes said...

Dani, as with everything you do, you are really thorough in your research for the Challenge! Thank you for sharing so much. Love the cat photos!

Mary Montague Sikes

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