09 January 2012

Hello January - My Weekly Schedule

It's Book-in-a-Week and this year, I plan to join monthly again. My goal for January is 30 pages. I'll be working on new chapters for the Blog Book Tours How-To and one of the children's stories which I'm crafting into a middle grade chapter book rather than present it as a picture book series.

Weather is bright and sunny today, but a bit on the chilly side. We are due for some more snow mid-week but I hope it's nothing much, as we're scheduled for two appointments in the city to talk stained glass with Mick's clients. We're in that hardworking (and tiresome to me) bidding process with a half dozen churches which means a lot of paperwork that is unbillable time. Here's a peek at the church blog.

Sweet potatoes are in the oven roasting. I'm reading An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler and am quite taken with her organic cooking style. Plan to make a hummus from these tatties, to smear on thick slices of home-baked bread. On Saturday, we tried her suggestion of cooking greens in hot olive oil with garlic, then serving on bread coated with cream or pot cheese. I added some tomato slices, pepper, and more olive oil for a cut-with-a-knife sandwich lunch. It was quite tasty. Hubbs wasn't so impressed with the egg experiment on Sunday though. Here's Tamar and How To Teach an Egg to Fly via video instructions. Cute ideas.

What else is new? Rough start to the new year with Mom in the hospital with a viral infection, and a funeral - a friend's husband. Plumbing problems, eye issues, toothaches... it hasn't been a pleasant start. How about you?

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