08 March 2011

Shrove Tuesday

Or Fat Tuesday at my house. I'm eating everything in sight that has flour and sugar in it because that's what I'm giving up for Lent. I take advantage of this fasting season more for my health than any religious observance, although I was raised as a Catholic. So I'm very familiar with the procedure.

Historically, religious fasting is a practical action intended to make starvation seem admirable. This is the time of year when food sources were scarce in old times, animals themselves were so lean they were hardly worth the energy of hunting them, and making believe some good could come from a growling stomach was a wise and maybe even life-saving practice in tribes.

That's my opinion about it at any rate. Pardon me if it sounds irreverent, but I'm a bit practical about these things.

Anyway, I'm going to do the self-sacrificing thing (don't I feel noble already?) and cut out the two major food groups in America, white flour and white sugar. My hips will slim down, and likely I'll have all sorts of other health benefits. I dare you to join me!

But today, my friends, we eat! Pizza tonight and then I'm making chocolate chip cookies and after that, I'm going to eat the whole dang batch in bed while I read. I might even read a bread cookbook or something equally decadent. This Land o' Lakes recipe is really excellent, and you can easily cut it in half. But who would want to? Look at that yummy thing!

Temps: 29/18 with snow all day
Writing: 800 words


patbean said...

You make me hungry. I love the O'Donohue quote

Pat Bean

Lee Ambrose said...

Dani - I just got home from work and looking at your pictures are making me realize how HUNGRY I am!
That cookie looks fantastic! :)

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