01 March 2011

National Pancake Day

Guess what we had for supper?

It's also National Peanut Butter Day but we didn't smear that on the pancakes. There's only so much national pride I can muster especially when it involves stuffing my face with food.

It was a gorgeous day today so I washed all the bedding and hung it on the line to dry - sweet sunshine smelling sheets - say that three times without breaking a tooth!

1 comment:

Lee Ambrose said...

Dani - I love the sweet smell of laundry that's been hung out to dry in the sun... Cute story from years ago when I lived in FL where we weren't allowed to do so (against city code) My neice who was about 6 at the time told my sister that she thought they should help me find a place to live that I could do that because it smells so much better to go to bed in sheets dried in the sun!

Also, I love love love "breakfast for supper".... can't bring myself to cook pancakes early in the morning but love to do so for dinner once in a while and Caleb LOVES them!

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