12 March 2011

Clean Energy Park?

Last week, my friends at Country Roots Farm in the Arkansas River Valley sent me their new CSA newsletter and in it they urged all their fans and readers to read up on the nuclear plant being built in Pueblo, Colorado.

Cattenom Nuclear Power Plant

Say what? Billed as the Colorado Energy Park, the 25,000 acre facility would be situated smack in the middle of the richest farmland in southern Colorado where a huge portion of the state's small farmers grow vegetables and fruits for farmers markets and large retailers like Whole Foods... a nuclear facility? Tell me this is a joke.

But apparently it isn't. It's a case of business chasing Obama-bucks. According to one article: The Obama Administration wants to triple the already $18.5 billion appropriated for new nuclear reactors to $54.5 billion in America’s 2012 Budget, which is being decided any day.

You can bet more companies will be ready to fill the bill with those kinds of dollars at stake. This is one subject in which the president and I do not see eye to eye.

One can only hope that the disastrous earthquake and resulting damage to Japan's nuclear plants, and the subsequent heating of reactors (not to mention an explosion at one facility) will slow down the forward-thrust of any nuclear movements around the world. No word at this writing whether radiation contamination is going to impact large portions of Japan, but I suspect the world is watching with growing concern. Easiest way to prevent this in America - just say no to nuclear. This is not an over-reaction. The issues of long-term health and disposal of spent reactor plutonium have never been properly resolved.

But let's not let such concerns stop us, right? We can also barrel forward and support the proposed Canadian uranium mill in Paradox, also in Southern Colorado, which plans to sell "yellow cake" (used in nuclear bombs) to Asia, including Korea. (www.denverpost.com/news/ci_16943858) Let's all pretend we've gone totally and irrevocably NUTS and get behind these insane projects.

No, let's not.

Please contact your U.S. and state representatives and register your negative vote. You can also contact the White House to tell them to shift those billions to renewable energy, with some left over going to restore programs for the poor, environment, sustainable organic farming (including in Colorado), children, students, and Planned Parenthood. 202-456-1111.

Lastly, contact Secretary of the Interior and former U.S. Senator Ken Salazar to voice your concerns. Call (202) 208-3100 or e-mail: feedback@ios.doi.gov . You only have until March 15 to try to put skid chains on this and other potentially environmentally damaging projects planned in Colorado.

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