15 February 2011

What is Peak Oil Anyway?

Recently my nephew who is newly in the Air Force, asked me about Peak Oil. He still doesn't quite understand what it's about, and that isn't surprising. There are a lot of people who don't quite get it. I started doing some research to find sites that might simplify the idea and communicate it on an accessible level.  I found these videos and found them to be very good. One is embedded and you can click to view. Then go to the two subsequent links to hear the rest of the lecture by journalist Brian Kaller as he speaks to 300 teenaged students in County Kildare, Ireland about peak oil and climate change.

Climate Chaos

Back to the Fifties

Please watch all three and really think about them. Then consider how you can start changing your lifestyle to accomodate the future of this planet. I'd be willing to bet Mr. Kaller is right on the money.

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Lee Ambrose said...

Very interesting, Dani...

BodieP said...

I very much enjoyed this--and I realized that moving to this tiny town in the midst of a large farming community where a huge varieties of vegetables and fruits thrive was perhaps smarter than I knew.

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