17 February 2011

Sunrise Magic

I infrequently am awake at dawn. I'm one of those people who naturally wakes up at 8 AM and I'm blessed to have the luxury of following my natural rhythm. Occasionally something throws my clock off, and that's what happened yesterday when I fell asleep reading in bed at 9:30 PM, then was wide awake nine hours later - well, who wouldn't be? So I got up to make the coffee and walked through my house seeing things I rarely see.

That morning light is magical. I can understand why some people love the dawn. I bet most of you are morning people, huh? What's your favorite thing to look at first thing?


Temps: 60/18 very windy
Writing: 750 words

1 comment:

Lee Ambrose said...

Ooooo Dani! These photos are spectacular! What lovely ways the light plays with the objects to create incredible lights and shadows.

I used to be a real morning person -- but the older I get the less I am so... And I guess the fact that I am blasted out of bed @ 5:30 a.m. on work days doesn't help!

When I do have the opportunity to wake up naturally (sans alarm clock) I love to lay in bed and listen to the birds, watch the sun playing in the leaves and the clouds drift across the sky.... :)

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