21 February 2011

Shake-down Cruise

We took the VW Beetle for her first long tour since installing the new motor and here are a few photos en route through the flatlands heading toward Pikes Peak:

It started as a sunny day, Miss Poppy did very well indeed, and we drove home that evening to a steady rain. 120 miles of rain. That cloud must have followed us all the way!

It's a bit cooler today with a stiff wind, but very sunny. All the early morning frost has melted. We enjoyed our chilis poblano at Rudy's in Colorado Springs so much, that hubbs made his own batch which we thoroughly enjoyed today. Ours actually had a better filling. I'll post the recipe on Thursday.

Highlight of the trip was a new cookbook (we stopped by Borders and were happy to hear they are staying open) called Chocolate with 100 fabulous-looking recipes. I simply couldn't resist. We also explored the new Penzey's which had a lovely selection, a totally disengaged wait staff, and way too much plastic. I came home with lovely paprika, bay leaves, and vanilla beans. Very affordable prices, I must say. But way too much plastic - did I already mention that? Why doesn't anyone use paper bags anymore? Or wrap stuff in butcher paper like in the old days? Better yet, let them use Terraskin.

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Lee Ambrose said...

Ooooo I am so jealous! Driving Miss Poppy the other day sounds like a great outing! Well.. at least on the trip FROM home ... To home might be another thing with 120 miles of rain. I love Penzey's spices! Yes..too much plastic but I do love their spices! I was first introduced to the actual retail store while in Columbus OH about two years ago and wish there was one closer. Sure I can buy items from their catalog but it's just not the same. Glad the three of you (Miss Poppy, you and the hubbs) had a good outing!

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