19 February 2011

Give Me Three Good Reasons

We're headed to the city soon, since our pile of potential errands has risen to at least six. We don't make the drive unless we have at least that many stops to make. Here's what's on the agenda so far:
  • Meet client
  • Pick up commission check from another client
  • Buy stained glass
  • Library
  • Whole Foods
  • Borders
  • Penzeys
  • Bank
  • Rudy's Little Getaway Restaurant
It's almost like a vacation! It also  makes for a tiring day, so we try to only go to the city once a month.

Here's another example of making everything work three times as hard. I buy butter that's wrapped in wax paper rather than foil. I use the wrappers to grease bread pans, so I don't have to use a new scrap of something to do the job. Then I use the wrapper to start a fire in my parlor stove - best fire starter ever! See? Three jobs for that silly little butter wrapper. Also the reason I don't buy butter wrapped in foil. Now you know, Land o' Lakes. Why doesn't a journalist stop me in the street and ask me what butter I use and why? I'm ready with an answer!

Obviously I'm a true believer that every little bit helps this over-consumed planet we call home. Alas, most days I don't feel I'm doing nearly enough. If everyone did what I just outlined, we still wouldn't be doing enough. I get pretty bummed about it some days.
It rained all 120 miles of the way home. Rain? In Colorado in February? Sustained rain for hours over this large an area of the state? Seems odd to me.


Judy Whelley said...

I'm a confirmed organic butter buyer and user. I use the paper for greasing pans but, alas, have no fireplace or wood stove. You are lucky to have a Whole Foods witin driving distance! That place is a bit expensive but oh, the organic choices... heaven!

Lee Ambrose said...

Don't be bummed, Dani... YOU know that you are making all sorts of descisions based on your desire to be a good steward of this earth and her environment. You lead by example. And, while it might be true that even if everyone did just what you've outlined it might not be enough - the truth of the matter is that it'd be that much MORE than is being done by most folks right now! I admire your dedication to such purposeful actions.

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