24 January 2011

Quietly patient

It was one of those days that went south from the moment the alarm rang... late. Rental car wasn't ready on time, and we had to wait an extra hour to hit the road. It was colder than ice and windy the entire drive. When we reached our destination, the lift and equipment we needed to install a church mural wasn't there, and we had to wait for that.

And through it all, I was relaxed and patient, as though there wasn't a care in the world.

When all was said and done, everything went smoothly and quickly and here is the result - a rather skewed and awkward photo that is almost life-size in person - it's up quite high in this eastern orthodox temple and thus the need for a scissor-lift to install:

These are the church patrons, Ss. Constantine & Helen.

And now to get off my feet - it's been a long and tiring day. More tales from the city tomorrow. Hope your day went well.

Temps: 36/7 but a high of 29 in the city - it was very cold and unpleasant
Finished: installation and city errands
Word count: zip

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