17 January 2011

Field of Dreams

I like to follow mercola.com to see his latest take on anything health-related. He sounds a bit wingy sometimes, but almost inevitably, his positions seem to sift into mainstream medical practice. Today he posts about how to keep your complexion looking young, which isn't as big a concern to me than how to keep my joints from aching. His recommendations actually are pertinent to both issues. Click here to read more.

Those diet recommendations include some of the ingredients in this salad, which is delicious! We first had the Field of Dreams salad at a now-defunct restaurant called Ambrosia in Colorado Springs. It contains a mix of greens including bitter, like dandelion, assorted berries (this one has blueberries and strawberries), onion, crumbled bleu cheese (eliminate if you have migraine or yeast issues), and a fruity and slightly sweet vinaigrette dressing of your choice. I like one made with pomegranate, which I juice just like a lemon.

Doesn't that look just good enough to eat? We had rain this morning in January in Colorado! Is it any wonder my mind is on garden greens? What's your favorite Spring salad?

Temps: 51/23 50 mph wind gusts and rain!
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Lee Ambrose said...

This salad is "my kind of salad" and yes, it does look good enough to eat! I'll be right over!!

I like to make a salad with baby spinach, chopped fresh pears, thinly sliced sweet (or red) onions, chopped walnuts or pecans, blue cheese crumbles and a vinagrette dressing.

Judy Whelley said...

This looks delicious. I didn't know that about blue cheese, maybe that's why I don't like it. I usually use feta. Two years ago I started growing some greens in window boxes on my deck. Once I figured out how to protect them from the birds I had some wonderful salads. Currently my favorite salad addition is dried cherries.

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