06 January 2011

Boinga Boinga

Weather forecast coming up.

And that's how it's been most of the winter with these wild swings. My trees hate it. It was over 50 degrees today and about the same tomorrow before a winter storm moves in over the weekend.

Enough is a feast. ~ Buddhist Proverb

On the menu yesterday and today was Commander Bailey's navy bean soup - one of my favorites from the It's a Wonderful Life Cookbook. Hubbs made biscuits to go with and I have to say this kind of a meal suits me better than just about anything these days. Soup, bread, a few olives, and maybe a bit of fresh fruit. Or a dab of honey on half the bread. It sits well with me. What did you have for supper today?

Temp:  See above
Started: Cleaning pantry, deleting and moving emails, a new book
Finished: Kicking myself for not finishing something :)
Word Count: 500+

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