19 January 2011

The Archdruid

I occasionally like to Google my name as well as my husband's. His is more fun because it borders on the common so I get more entertaining hits. I've gotten all kinds of interesting men from marine biologists to dead gay actors. Well, not really gay... the actor Michael Greer just happened to play a gay man at a time when that could give you a reputation. He is really dead though.

My favorite hit is the Archdruid, John Michael Greer, who is an interesting writer and a staunch environmentalist. I find him to be a very smart man. I mentioned this to someone yesterday, and she wondered what exactly an Archdruid is... I admit, I didn't exactly know. Something British. Presumably it's a druid high priest - there's more information at the Wikipedia page.

But I digress.

Back to the Archdruid who has a popular blog called the Archdruid's Report. I read recently that he had moved to the Rust Belt, and I wondered why. It all has to do with climate change and the slide of the coastal economies and makes interesting food for thought about the future. Click here to read a very intelligent report.

The other Michael Greer suggests we should move to the Rust Belt, too. Same town, and set up our liturgical stained glass studio there. Now that should raise some eyebrows. I can hear it now: "Which Greer do you want, the Archdruid or the Church Artist". Sounds like something out of a novel!

What's the most interesting thing you've discovered on Google lately? Do you Google your own name or people you know? Why?

Temps: 36/11 Cold and foggy, then late afternoon blizzards, with 1.5 more inches tonight
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Word count: this blog post and a lot of resting of hands with a repeat tomorrow

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