15 January 2009

Rest easy, amigo

A dear friend committed suicide, and the aftershocks still roll through many a life including mine. Gerry was an anchor to us, a steady and positive presence in an often-shaky arts world, and not having him here adds another level of inner quiver. It's not an easy thing to accept, when a rock has crumbled. It makes everything in life seem so much more fragile. These words in his obituary stand out for me, perhaps a little remainder of that anchor he once was for us:

Gerry encouraged his fellow skiers the same as he did artists, musicians, students and others - to carry on, dream big, aspire to make a difference, and remain compassionate toward others.

I wish he could have found the strength to stay with us and follow the model he ironically created for us. The teacher may be gone, but the lesson can still serve us. Serve me. I take it with me into this day.

Rest easy, amigo.

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