13 October 2014

From This Day Forward - Excerpt Monday #3

“I don’t think they make underwear in my clan tartan. Do you have MacGregor panties, Megan?”

“Why, yes, as a matter of fact. I wore them at the wedding.”

His eyes got a faraway look and she could see the wheels turning.

“You don’t have a lot of options, counselor, so I’m guessing whatever you’re thinking is dead on.”

“Well, well, you wicked little lass. I’d like to see your MacGregor collection sometime.”

She grinned. “Perhaps, Mr. Calhoun, if you’re a very good boy, I shall indulge you. Now I want to see what you’re going to put on next.” She slid higher on the bed, leaning back against the padded headboard, the sheet pulled up, but barely covering her breasts.

Lindsey’s gaze lingered as he pulled a pair of Levi’s from a hanger, then stepped into them, slowly pulling them up,  eyes smoky again as he shot a deep look across the room. He left the pants unzipped, the play of dark hair on his stomach pointing suggestively downward.

“What shirt are you wearing? A Stewart plaid flannel?” she asked.

“Didn’t bring it with me. You’ll have to settle for a red merino wool Henley.” He pulled the sweater over his head, slowly, and more slowly yet over his muscled chest. The twinkle in his deep-blue eyes belied the  ever-present frown. He was enjoying himself far too much. The effect on Megan was apparent by the flush on her face.

Slowly he tucked the shirt into his pants and zipped them up. He picked up the belt and let it unroll, then snapped it. The crisp echo hung between them as he slid the leather into each loop and calmly buckled the brass.

“Heaven help me, I never knew watching a man dress could be so sexy. You're making me weak, Lindsey.”

He laughed. “I’m putting my shoes on before I have a mind to see how much you like getting me out of these clothes again.” He bent for a boot to pull on, the knit shirt stretching over his broad shoulders.

“You wear cowboy boots, Calhoun?  Now, that I never would have expected.”

“Ha! I can rope and ride with the best of them, lassie.”

©Dani Greer 2014

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