29 September 2014

From This Day Forward - Excerpt Monday

Well, it's getting serious. NaNoWriMo is fast approaching, I have a novella (working title: From This Day Forward) to finish, and the first book in my mystery series to crap out by #December2014. And I have new fans asking when the books will publish! 

So here's a teaser for you from the novella, which is a prequel to the first mystery novel, and explains how the protagonists, J. Lindsey Calhoun, high-priced Boulder lawyer, and Megan MacGregor, child psychologist, meet, fall in love, and marry. 

Being mostly solid well-adjusted people with few hang-ups, the first half of the book is about their blossoming romance, and of course, lots of sex. Because I wanted to practice writing different kinds of sex scenes that were steamy, but not too weird, and yet... maybe a little different from the ordinary romance novel. The characters definitely get to know each other fast, and I learned a lot about them too. Did I mention a lot of sex? Yeah, that. 

Well, even romance and good sex aren't constant and forever. So the second part of the book, of course, brings the two back to reality, and all the resistance they get to their fast-moving love story, including from our hero's father, senior partner of the law firm, Calhoun & Sons. The following scene takes place in Lindsey's office:

“Your schedule is open. We need to talk.”

Lindsey’s instincts whirled into high alert. He could feel the ire pouring from his father. “What about, Dan?” He tamed his voice to an emotionless pitch.  His courtroom voice.

“You might have shared your intentions with me before you gave your mother’s ring to some woman.”

“She’s not some woman, Dan. She’s my future wife. I would think you’d have figured that out if she was wearing said ring.”

“You didn’t ask me.”

“I didn’t need your permission. Mom gave the ring to me, her eldest, with the stipulation I would gift it to my bride when I found her. I have.”

“In such a short time, Lindsey? Don’t be ridiculous. Some beauty has turned your head, and probably a few other parts, and you throw a family heirloom at her?”

Lindsey’s guts turned to ice. He stared at his father, his nostrils flaring as he calmly closed the file drawer and walked to his desk. He put his hands on his hips in a gesture of defiance. The older man stood before him without moving, elegant and noble in his finely cut suit, his gray eyes as hard and bleak as winter.

“You dare insult my ability to make intelligent choices, Dan? Because I've paraded an endless stream of insipidly bad female choices before you all my life? Never.  So you base this assessment of Megan MacGregor on exactly what facts? Unless you have a reason to question my motives and choices, and her qualifications as my wife, this conversation is over. I would have preferred to have my family’s blessing when it came to something this important to me. But apparently we can’t count on you when it comes to anything except the business and our clients.” 

Lindsey’s voice was barely above a whisper, but its lethal tone filled the room. Dan Calhoun hadn’t seen Lindsey in a court of law for many years, but he could fully appreciate the power of the man before him. He understood why his son never lost a case. Formidable and completely in control of himself,  J. Lindsey Calhoun had clearly grown into his own strength and power.

“To your credit, the woman’s background seems to be impeccable. She doesn’t have a flaw on her record. It was pointless to run a background check on her. But that doesn’t diminish the fact that you haven’t known her long enough to truly assess whether you’ve made a good choice.”

Lindsey froze. He stared at his father as the words sank in.

“Let me understand you, Dan. You ran a check on Megan? You had the nerve to go behind my back and validate her credentials because I chose her for my wife?” His eyes narrowed in black anger. The deep, premature lines on his face bracketed pinched lips. He moved from behind his desk toward his father.  A lesser man might have shown fear, but Daniel Calhoun held his ground.

©Dani Greer 2014

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